Case Study

Status: Current


On-Demand Rentals is a provider of fuel tank and fueling systems across North America. The site originally was not well ranked on Google and practically was receiving no organic traffic.

SEO practices were not originally utilized properly, so there was a lot of opportunity for growth here.

What we've done

1. Keyword research

2. Linkbuilding

3. Content creation

4. Landing page redesign & optimization

5. Social media management on LinkedIn

6. Email marketing through MailChimp

We've got work to do

With long-form blog content ranking on Google (as well as well developed product pages), we’ll be able to do some surgical link building and get these pushed up even farther.

What’s great is that we have lots of content to work with now… and it’s beginning to show. By following this strategy, we see Google starting to unlock the floodgates – this shows the massive potential that we can target coming up.

Accomplished goals

— Rank first on Google for main keyword "fuel tank rentals"

— Fix UX issues in mobile and desktop website

— Create and optimize Google Business profile

— Grow to over 500+ active and engaging LinkedIn followers